Weet-Bix 90th Birthday



Weet-Bix was facing a challenge of being too much of a household brand, too much of a staple and not exciting enough to recruit a new generation of shoppers. In 2018, Weet-Bix was celebrating their 90th birthday and we were tasked to develop an engaging campaign that would highlight the milestone but also excite the next generation of consumers & shoppers.






Strategy, Creative, Social, Consumer Promotion, Activation



Most Australian’s remember growing up with a bowl of Weet-Bix for breakfast and over the years have their own individual and unique way of consuming it, be it warm, cold, crunchy or mushy. Every Aussie kid is an individual and the brand wanted to get all Australians to celebrate their individuality and thank them for being a Weet-Bix kid over the years.



We wanted to not only help Weet-Bix celebrate a milestone but also reward our consumers and shoppers with something that would play a functional role in their daily routine. What better way to start the day than a couple or more “Bix” in your very own bowl. We felt the concept of a personalised bowl was not only synonymous with breakfast and the brand, something that every Mum would want to collect for her whole family as well as relevant to young adults who grew up with Weet-Bix. We developed a shelf back shopper-led campaign that included limited edition packs with 46 different names printed on pack and a GWP giving consumers the chance to order their own personalised Weet-Bix bowl. The campaign was supported by a full retailer path to purchase and brand owned digital and social campaign. The campaign performed so well that the full 30000 bowls were redeemed in the first 2 weeks and an additional 20000 was ordered to top up the promotion.

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