'Coca-Cola' ‘Share some Magic this Christmas’ | The Mix Agency
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‘Coca-Cola’ ‘Share some Magic this Christmas’

The Challenge

'Coca-Cola' has always been entrenched in the emotional fabric of Christmas and our challenge was to remind MGB’s that 'Coca-Cola' is the secret ingredient that will make Christmas time even more special. 'Coca-Cola' wanted to own the Christmas occasion in store as well as drive engagement with retailers. We needed to interrupt the shopper at the point of purchase and get her to pick up a 'Coke' TM product.

The Channel

Grocery, C&P, Route

The Services

Strategy, Creative, Activation

The Insight

Christmas is the magical time of year for giving and sharing. Santa has been the one that has the role of bringing Christmas ‘cheer’ and spirit to people all over the world. He has been an enduring source of hope and positivity and has made many a wish and dream come true over the years. At home Mum plays that role of being the giver of positivity and hope and she makes dreams come true every day for her family.

The Solution

We developed a Shopper specific key visual that tapped into the cultural insight of sharing and giving magic at Christmas and developed an occasion message that spoke directly to MGBs. The key visual leveraged the iconic 'Coca-Cola' Sunbloom Santa which was hand illustrated by our Creative Director to drive nostalgia and allowed 'Coca-Cola' to own Christmas. The POS suite developed activated all zones along the path to purchase and the elements were designed to be modular to accommodate various display sizes and also worked cross channel to drive economies of scale from a production perspective. Retailers loved the creative and we were able to integrate their Christmas look and feel with our design whilst maintaining the integrity of the 'Coca-Cola' master creative.