Gentleman Jack Father's Day | The Mix Agency
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Gentleman Jack Father’s Day

The Challenge

We were challenged to develop a new campaign for Gentleman Jack which tapped into the gifting occasion during Father’s Day to drive shopper awareness of the Gentleman Jack brand but also anchor it in the heritage and credentials of the master Jack Daniel’s No. 7 brand and story.

The Channel

Off Premise

The Services

Strategy, Creative, Social, Activation

The Insight

During Father’s Day, shoppers often struggle with gift selection and leave it to the last minute. Alcohol is usually selected as a low risk, convenient solution as it is highly accessible to purchase and widely enjoyed by many. Shoppers are, however, concerned that their gift may seem impersonal and a last minute after thought and look for ways to make it more premium through gifting accessories such as wrapping and / or by trading up to a brand or variant that is more expensive.

The Solution

We developed a master campaign visual and idea which tapped into the Gentleman Jack brand story, Tennessee’s Smoothest Sippin’ Whiskey with a Father’s Day and gifting occasion spin on it. We heroed Gentleman Jack but gave a hat tip to the master brand by placing Old No. 7 within the visual which also acted as a reminder to existing Jack Daniel’s shoppers to trade up. The campaign idea was adapted for specific off premise customer needs through bespoke GWP promotions which the master creative was able to be repurposed to drive a consistent look and feel across the Father’s Day season.