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Fanta Halloween Shelf Back

The Challenge

Every year Halloween is seen as a key focus period for Fanta to drive household penetration and volume. Halloween is a perfect excuse for mums to treat her family to a family favourite. Fanta tasked us to develop a shelf back idea which would not only create theatre in store but also drive permissibility with mums.

The Channel


The Services

Strategy, Creative, Packaging, Activation

The Insight

With retailers increasingly favouring price promotions, shoppers are conditioned to look for deals in store. Shoppers are happy to pay a price premium if they see they are getting extra value from the brand in either quality or through a reward e.g. a prize. We also identified that in Australia, Halloween was growing in popularity with teenagers and households getting into the spirit with costumes and decorations.

The Solution

We developed a shelf back campaign starting with designing a functional pack which featured Halloween masks on the outer packaging of multipacks. Each flavour variant featured a different Halloween mask which drove collectability and repeat purchase with Mums. As mums were buying costumes for her kids they saw the additional value from buying the Fanta Halloween packs. The thematic packs were then extended through the whole path to purchase with thematic displays in store.