Woolworths and 'Coca-Cola' ‘Enjoy Together’ Meals | The Mix Agency
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Woolworths and ‘Coca-Cola’ ‘Enjoy Together’ Meals

The Challenge

The challenge was to drive incremental purchase of 'Coca-Cola' in small basket shops in Woolworths supermarkets and to remind shoppers to pick up a beverage with their purchase. From a partnership perspective, 'Coca-Cola' wanted to demonstrate thought leadership around owning the meals occasion and align with Woolworths strategic focus on driving their fresh offering.

The Channel


The Services

Strategy, Creative

The Insight

We utilised the insights on the small basket shopper within the grocery channel and determined that they were shopping for ingredients for dinner tonight, they want to be in and out as quickly as possible and beverages were often at the bottom of the shopping list and usually forgotten.

The Solution

A Woolworths specific path to purchase suite was developed that featured messaging that drove the association of 'Coca-Cola' and meals and the strategic placement of cross category POS pieces to facilitate the ease of picking up a drink on impulse and reminding Shoppers to grab a beverage. The ‘Enjoy Together’ lock up and VIS also allowed for the meals platform to be leveraged across other customers.