Tic Tac Grape Envy NPD Launch | The Mix Agency
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Tic Tac Grape Envy NPD Launch

The Challenge

The challenge was to launch the new limited edition flavour, to drive awareness and trial with new and existing Tic Tac consumers and to gain additional visibility in store

The Channel

Grocery, C&P, Route

The Services

Strategy, Creative, Activation

The Insight

Limited edition flavours can suffer from NPD wear out where consumers are so conditioned to flavour rotations it becomes wallpaper. We needed an idea that would cut through in an innovative and disruptive way to make the Tic Tac consumer sit up and take notice.

The Solution

We crafted a new brand identity for Grape Envy including the flavour name, product packaging design, shelf ready merchandising solutions and developed a fully integrated through the line strategy which covered all touchpoints on the consumer journey. Creative executions included social media and innovative OOH through to in store POS. Consistency of creative was key across all touchpoints but tweaked to be environment relevant. Consumers who missed out on trying the new limited edition were grape with envy!