Kinder Surprise Shelf Back Campaign | The Mix Agency
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Kinder Surprise Shelf Back Campaign

The Challenge

Drive awareness of the Kinder Surprise and Star Wars partnership, leverage the hype created around the launch of the 3D movie release and create in store theatre through off location visibility.

The Channel

Grocery, C&P, Route

The Services

Strategy, Creative, Activation

The Insight

Kinder Surprise is considered a treat and at a price premium to competitors. The use of licenses drive value to shoppers outside of price and also helps to drive incremental purchases.

The Solution

We developed a shelf back path to purchase for the Kinder Surprise and Star Wars promotion putting emphasis on heroing the Star Wars license as a mechanic to drive value with shoppers. The shelf back approach included the creation of shelf ready merchandisers which were designed to create disruption at shelf, modular off location displays to drive theatre in store and consistent messaging and look and feel across all touch points along the path to purchase.